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Automotive Scrap
Scrap Metal Collection Services

GT Recycling provides Scrap Metal Hauling and Free Recycling for the Automotive Industry. We provide scrap metal containers at no cost. All recycling containers are serviced on a regular basis. Will call pick ups are acceptable as well.

We accept most metal items including engines, transmissions, nuts, bolts, wheels, rims, wiper blades, wiper arms, throttle body, shocks, struts, whole cars, junk cars, aluminum, intake, exhaust, catalytic converters, water pumps, starters, alternators, steering racks, steering pump, steering gear, knuckles, tie rods, sway bars, sway bar links, batteries, brake rotors, brake pads, alternators, short blocks, long blocks, keywords of all sorts are good for seo. Steering wheels, speakers, radiators, condensers, compressor,